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Hair Treatments

At Metamorphosis clinic, we offer effective hair loss treatment for women and men. We can help you choose the best treatment for hair loss for your situation. One of the treatments we use is the Dermaroller technique for hair regrowth. This treatment works by stimulating blood circulation. This stimulates regeneration in the affected areas, encouraging hair growth.

Another treatment that we use is the Keratin hair spa. This medicated hair spa causes intense reconnection of hair strands through keratin. It also repairs any fissures present in hair strands after highlighting and coloring. This results into attractive, soft, healthy and nourished hair. After this treatment, the hair also becomes easier to style.

Hair nourishment is the other effective hair loss treatment for men ad women. It is ideal for all kinds of hair and texts. This treatment option works by smoothing the cuticle and allowing the hair to adjust to its moisture level in a natural manner. This prevents breakage.

Professional Hair Specialists

We have a team of professional hair specialists, we also perform laser antidandruff treatment and ozone antidandruff treatment. This treatment option, repairs weak, damaged or limp hair. When laser hair treatment is being performed, the lasers penetrate to the heart of the hair fibers and offer a strengthening and firming action.

We also offer the hair scalp micropigmentation treatment, which is also referred to as a scalp tattoo, hairline tattoo or medical hairline restoration among other names. This treatment involves using a fine tattoo needle, which is of the same size and shape of a hair follicle to implant pigments into the scalp. This procedure is a safer alternative to a hair transplant, hair plugs, hair peel, wigs and toupees. It leaves no scarring and heals within several days.

Another treatment that we offer at the Metamorphosis clinic is hair advanced meso therapy. This is a non surgical procedure that can reverse hair loss and preserve the existing hair follicles. It is a suitable hairfall treatment for both men and women who suffer from alopecia, hair thinning and male pattern baldness. Another effective hair loss treatment we offer is hair replacement – bonding, weaving, clipping, tapping.

We also assist your clients to beat hair loss through hair PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy. This hair regain therapy involves drawing blood from the patient and sending it to a lab for processing. The PRP is then separated and removed from the other blood components. A specialist then injects the PRP, which contains large amounts of growth factors and platelets into the scalp to stimulate the hair follicles. This enhances hair growth.

Being one of the well-known hair clinic in Delhi and Mumbai, we also offer the Loreal hair spa. This is a hair fiber solution that repairs weak, damaged and limp hair. It offers strengthening and firming action after penetrating the heart of the hair fibers. It also offers long lasting protection of color and reveals stronger, more lustrous and sleeker hair. We are the best clinic when it comes to hair treatments.