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Beard Transplant

For most men, facial hair is the epitome of masculinity. To lose facial hair due to natural causes or some traumatic experience can be unbearable for most men. In this age, advances in surgical techniques have provided men with many opportunities to restore their lost facial hair. Beard transplant surgery is becoming quite popular these days. However, the cost of getting such a procedure done varies depending on different countries. In the recent years, India has become a hub for many cosmetic surgeries.

Beard Transplant in India is quite popular because of its affordability. The beard transplant cost in India is very low compared to some of the developed countries. There are many beard transplant clinics in Delhi and Mumbai that specifically cater to the needs of foreign customers. Metamorphosis is one of leading destinations for medical tourists. At present, we have a large repertoire of overseas clientele who come to get their beard transplants done with us.

At Metamorphosis, we predominantly employ the follicle unit extraction (FUE) technique for facial hair restoration. In the FUE technique, individual hair follicle is extracted from a donor site, mostly the occipital region (back and lower regions of the scalp) and this is implanted on to the receptor site, which is generally the area where beard thinning has occurred. The follicle implant then grows new hair making your beard look lush and thick. This is a painless treatment. The surgery itself is a 3-5 hour long procedure, performed under localized anesthesia.

Once the procedure is done, patients can generally see results within 7-10 months. FUE method is one of the most advanced techniques of hair restoration. Its greatest benefit is that it is a non-invasive procedure and does not leave any post-operative scars or marks on the body. At Metamorphosis, we have highly qualified doctors who are specialized in this procedure. Once you make an appointment with us, we sit with you for a consultation to map out the regions of your face that needs hair restoration. At present we do restorations to chin hair, mustache hair, cheek hair and sideburns.

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