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Eyelash Treatment


Long, beautiful lashes are every woman’s dream. At Metamorphosis you can make this dream a reality. We are one of the leading eyelash transplant India. We ensure that all our clients are facilitated by the latest procedures that are available in the market. For our eyelash transplant, we generally recommend the follicular unit strip (FUS) method over the FUE method.

This is because when it comes to eyelash transplants, it is important to ensure a good amount of hair. FUS is more advantageous over FUE in this regard. As a result, at Metamorphosis FUE is not an option for eyelash transplant procedure. In contrast to the follicular unit extraction (FUE), where potential grafts are extracted directly from the donor sites, the eyelash implants in FUS is obtained from a strip of skin excised from the donor site under the influence of local anesthesia. Once the skin is extracted, the individual grafts are extracted from skin strip by stereo microscopic dissection. The entire procedure takes about 2 hours.

Once the procedure is done, the patient may experience facial swelling for about 3 to 4 days as a side effect. Another possible side effect could be a thin horizontal scar line that occurs are a result of skin removal. Nowadays, this problem is almost non-existent. This is because generally, the incision made is closed off by the trichophytic closure, a technique where the one of the wound edge is treated to induce hair growth so that it hides the scar.

As a result, the scar becomes almost invisible on healing. Aside from obtaining the high yield of hair, FUS is also advantages in that fact that it cheaper compared to FUE. Unlike eyelash extensions, eyelash transplant surgery is a more permanent solution to obtain long luscious lashes. This is especially ideal if your lashes grow sparsely, are damaged or generally weak.