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Hair Fall Treatment

The health of your scalp widely determines the appearance of your hair strands. If they are well nourished, clean and healthy, the locks can grow longer, stronger and beautiful. Hence, when visiting a beauty spa, you should keep in mind that the best professional will treat your scalp and curls. We will use specific products that will reverse the signs of damage. This is regardless of how severely damaged your strands are or whether it is natural, relaxed or colour-treated.

Why choose our therapists?
A great clinic like Metamorphosis provides a comprehensive therapy that focuses on body nourishment and restoration of damaged locks. Hence, we encourage our clients to improve their diet, hydrate often and take proper care of their scalps and strands. Depending on the degree of damage, you might require several treatment sessions or just one. Our therapists that conduct the treatments might use a combination of products and give you others to use at home.

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