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Why India?

India is fast becoming an idyllic hub for many cosmetic surgery procedures due to its high-quality medical services at an affordable price. Compared to prices for cosmetic surgery in the UK and the US, the price for a cosmetic surgery procedure in India is slashed by about 60%. This is especially true when you compare the hair transplant cost in India and skin whitening treatment cost in India to the international markets. Moreover, the surgeons and dermatologists in India are globally recognized for their skills and knowledge. Most of the facilities are state of the art and equipped with the latest technology involved in the procedure.

Why choose Metamorphosis as your cosmetic surgery destination?   

At Metamorphosis, we always strive to go above and beyond the stipulated standards to ensure that all of our international clients are given the best treatment possible. Our aim is to provide comprehensive care to all our patients based on their individual needs. To this end, we are constantly researching the latest trends and procedures that will enable us to provide you with the best of what is available in the market. We have a worldwide clientele. The reason why many pick Metamorphosis is because they trust us and in the quality of service we offer. At present, we offer a wide range of medical services to our international patients such as wrinkle treatment, hair transplant, weight loss surgeries and skin whitening treatments. Here are some benefits that make us a unique choice in the market:

  • FDA approved procedures and certificates of authenticity

As a facility that implements FDA (US) approved standards and procedures, Metamorphosis has emerged as one of the front-runners of cosmetic solutions. Our aesthetic technology solutions such as Wrinkle treatments are highly sought after and we are by far one of the best facilities for Anti-Aging treatment in India.

  • Highly trained professionals

All of our dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified in their fields. In addition, we also arrange training programs focused on the latest FDA approved procedures and techniques so that they are constantly updated and informed.

  • Superior International patient services:

We provide some of the best medical and consultancy services. This includes before-care and after-care procedures, patient education about the various procedures, financial information, appointment scheduling and traveling information.

  • Customizable packages

One unique advantage performing cosmetic surgery at Metamorphosis is that when it comes to procedures such as weight loss surgery in India, customers have many options to customize the various procedures of their treatment depending on their budget and requirement.

Special Travel Services

Our special travel services focus on providing all our clients with a memorable stay in India all throughout their surgical procedures. We offer three main services:

  • Pick-up & drop-off: We have a special pick-up and drop-off services available for all our international clients. Our vehicles will pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel. Similarly, once your treatment is over, we drop you back to the airport.
  • Visa assistance: Once you book with us, we make all the arrangements to get your visa processed and approved. This will save you all the hassle of doing it yourself.
  • Hotel stays: If you require, we can also assist you with finding the best hotels near us and even arrange for reservations so that everything is ready for your arrival.
  • City tour: We also arrange a free city tour for all our patients as a complimentary package. This way, on your visit, in addition to getting your surgical procedure done, you will also get to visit all the local sights.



What People Say

Our satisfied clients are our best spokespeople. Below, you can read testimonials written by current and former patients of Metamorphosis who have experienced the difference we can make in their lives. If you would like to submit a testimonial of your own about your experience with Metamorphosis, please contact us today.