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Metamorphosis Clinic provides specialist cosmetic treatments from Head to Toe.Friendly, professional & Experienced Team. We use most up to date equipment and products with current and cutting edge best practices and training. Our outstanding and pioneer services means over 85% of our patients re-book and 90% say they recommend us to their friends.We specialize in Dermal Fillers , Laser Hair Removal , Skin Rejuvenation , Tattoo Removal , Obesity Treatment , Hair Loss Solutions & Cosmetic Surgeries – including liposuction, face lift ,breast augmentation amongst a few!The procedures are performed by hand picked Doctors & Surgeons. At Metamorphosis we treat you as an individual. We create bespoke treatment and after care packages tailored specifically to you. We don’t believe in remote prescribing. Every Procedure has an in-depth & face to face consultation ensuring you are entirely satisfied with every aspect of your experience with us.

About Dr. Neha

Established an international outreach, with the high standards set at all her clinics

Metamorphosis clinic, which is under the wings of Dr. Neha A. Sachde, a renowned cosmetic dermatologist, is well established since the past 10 years. Having multiple clinics across Delhi and Mumbai, they strive to provide specialist treatments and care packages specifically tailored for each of their customers requirements. Their treatments range from Skin, Hair, Laser, and Obesity, thus leaving a person metamorphosed. Their skin treatments include Facial Rejuvenation, especially important in tackling the effects of pollution leading to dull, dehyDrated and wrinkled skin. Photo Rejuvenation therapy uses a mechanical light source to create controlled damage to the skin, forcing it to renew and rejuvenate itself. This treatment is generally safe for any part of the body, but common areas are Face, Neck, Breasts, Hands, Legs and Pubic Areas with results typically lasting.

For 12 months, depending on one’s skin care regime. Next, is one of the oldest and renowned cosmetic treatments in the world, a chemical peel. This is mainly effective in eliminating facial wrinkles, blemishes, skin pigmentation and exfoliating dead skin. Acne related issues are also treated. Ozone therapy, a new technology introduced which targets and eliminates the bacteria present in active acne, is used here. PRP Facial Rejuvenation therapy is described as a magic wand by Dr Neha Sachde and reverses the weakening of skin caused by lifestyle and ageing to a great extent. This treatment uses platelet rich plasma from the blood, which is then injected into the skin, to rejuvenate it. Pigmentation treatment, through a case to case basis is off ered and helps remove skin blemishes, synthesizes new collagen and elastin. Dermal fillers are injected in the dermal layer to help promote the production of collagen and make skin look plump like a fluffy pillow. Microdermabrasion is a method of exfoliating the skin’s surface with a natural diamond head. This loosens dead skin cells and clogged pores by enabling a controlled removal of epidermal layers. Dermapen increases collagen by needle stimulation of about 25 microneedles. This is usually done for treating acne scars or anti-ageing.

Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment’s principal action is the elimination of melanin patches on the face and guarantees improvement of skin blemishes, with a high safety margin. This makes it safe for pregnant women to use too. Medifacials leave one with calm and clean skin, through mild exfoliation and medicated serums. Stretch mark removal is also done at Metamorphosis. Another procedure that metamorphosis specialises in, is a thread lift.

This is a completely non-invasive procedure, used to reduce the eff ects of ageing. Last, but not the least, the gluta beauty Drip treatment focuses on making the skin look fresh and whitens it to give you perfect wrinkle free skin. Metamorphosis also has a diverse range of hair treatments. Hair fall treatments, PRP therapy, in which platelets are injected into the scalp causing growth of hair follicles. Hair transplant surgery, while being the fi rst to off er follicular unit extraction. Body hair transplant is advantageous if one wants to achieve a higher density of hair growth in one sitting if your initial hair grafts are weak.

The Laser treatments offered here include Laser Hair removal, which works to permanently remove hair and is pain and mess free, unlike waxing. Unwanted eyebrow hair removal is also off ered and the best part, no more pain for you! Got an embarrassing tattoo as a teenager, which you just cannot bear to see anymore? They’ve got you covered for that too. After a total of 6 sessions, there would be no traces of it left anymore. Various obesity treatments are also offered in all of their clinics throughout Delhi and Mumbai. The ultrasonic lipolysis is off ered, which is a gentle non-surgical procedure that removes unwanted fatty deposits, and is completely pain free.

Other non-invasive techniques include Cryolipolysis and Metamorphosis Dr. Neha has also established a good international outreach, due to the high standards established at all the clinics. Due to this it is a hub for tourists as there are a wide range of treatments on off er, with personalized treatment for every single customer. Every single procedure has an in depth face to face consultation ensuring that you are entirely satisfi ed with every aspect of the experience. The whole team tirelessly researches new methods and techniques to provide the most comprehensive and effective treatments. This is the reason why they have been able to off er so many noninvasive techniques.
At Metamorphosis, you can find gold star rated cosmetic treatments, so you know that you are in good hands.

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