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Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

At Metamorphosis Clinic, we take very special care in formulating specialized laser treatment plans to provide our clients with the most appropriate and technologically advanced skin care services. An impressively high rate of satisfied clients across Mumbai and surrounding regions is our testament for providing top-notch dermatologist services by a team of veteran professionals. We help people from all walks of life to maintain their natural beauty.

Skin tags, moles, cysts and too much skin hair are very common skin conditions today. However, too much hair in the wrong place, unwanted moles or unsightly skin tags is cosmetically embarrassing conditions. You may want to get rid of them at an opportunity. In the safe hands of our trained dermatologists at Metamorphosis Clinic you can rid yourself of unwanted blemishes through technologically advanced laser treatment procedures without any risk of scarring or discomfort.

Removal of skin tags, warts and moles

A mole or a wart can cause untold mental trauma and lack of confidence in a person, especially when they appear on the face, neck or other prominent place. We are ready to alleviate your troubles by giving your skin a clean and smooth mole/wart free appearance with a special laser treatment procedure for skin tags, moles and warts. It is a totally painless process with quick results of eliminating the visible signs of blemishes on the skin. Metamorphosis Clinic has the most cost effective laser treatment solutions that have been successfully applied to our clients with positive results of achieving smooth and radiant skin tones.

Permanent removal of hair for eyebrows and laser hair removal

While most people welcome a lush growth of hair on their heads having the same growth in certain body regions are not as acceptable. Unwanted hair can cause many problems including acute embarrassment, discomfort and social paranoia. With today’s busy lifestyles women complain about having to visit a salon every once in a week to remove unwanted eyebrow hair, shave or wax their arms and legs. Messy, painful and time-consuming traditional methods of hair removal like shaving, threading, plucking, electrolysis, waxing are now replaced by a revolutionary laser treatment method that gets rid of unwanted hair for life. The technology we use is effective, and produces efficient results. It can be applied to any area of the body. We combine professional and clinical expertise in our hair removal treatment systems to provide you with the most effective and permanent solution.

Permanent tattoo removal

Once the holiday season is over and you start emerging from the relaxed, jetted and sunbathed state, there may be certain things about your holiday that start niggling doubts in your mind. The permanent holiday tattoo that looked so attractive may suddenly become an unwanted one. We have the perfect solution for regretted permanent tattoos. Now you don’t have to worry about scary surgeries that use acids and organic creams for tattoo removal. At Metamorphosis Clinic permanent tattoos are removed without any scarring through modern laser technology. This is a relatively straightforward treatment with minimal risks, fantastic effects and can be used by anyone.

Whether you are looking for freedom from an unwanted tattoo, want your eyebrows to have a permanently beautiful shape or flaunt a healthily glowing clear, blemish-free skin we have the right cosmetic procedures. Reduce risks, costs, time and effort associated with frequent and on-going treatments by choosing permanent laser treatments methods that have been used with total success rates for treating myriad skin problems.